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Students Came back from Groupe ESC Troyes Exchange Program

Post Time: 2017/4/11 0:00:00

Reported by: Chen Qi & Ye Simin

During annual spring term 2015-2016, we successfully got exchange places of Groupe ESC Troyes, France school, and in the end of August, 2016, smoothly arrived at school city - Troyes, France.

We looked forward to the upcoming semester that is full of expectations, and felt a little worried about the strange new environment. In the opening ceremony, we met exchange students from different universities of China, and also met others from Germany, Spain, Italy and other countries. After communicate with students from all over the world for a period of time, we walked into our classroom, to start a new semester of study.

In China, differences between Chinese and western education system are often referred to. After careful comparison, we found that French university teachers prefer to let students think by themselves. For example, in the first class of Contemporary Economic Problems, the teacher asked students to list specific problems of the current global Economic activities, summarized the question classification, and finally each category would be arranged for a chapter lessons. In the process of talking with them, we found that economics foundation of some students was very solid, they would use the rigorous logic combined with the teacher mentioned in class and different periods of world geopolitical strategy. At the same time, we also had deeper understanding of values of western. Also their understanding of Chinese students would be further deepened. Based on the different values and the understanding of the values system, we broaded our vision and thinking became more diversified.

Finally, the exchange program promoted our identity against the state. Chinese culture is being more and more known by European people. This makes us feel, inheriting and promoting excellent traditional culture and opposing historical nihilism is our responsibility as a new generation of college students. We can't forget at all.

Peihua Gu, our headmaster has proposed: the training of talents in STU in the future is to make students compete in every corner of the world, and find the way home. The exchange program not only promotes our own knowledge level, but also let us clearly recognize that I am a Chinese from STU.