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Korea Honam University Exchange Final Report

Post Time: 2018/3/13 0:00:00

Reported by Lai Xiaoyan

First of all, I'd like to thank the Shantou University Business School's exchange program of Honam University in South Korea, so that I could experience a short period of studying abroad in the last year of my university. Thanks for the encouragement and help given by the the teachers during this period.

During the exchanged semester in Korea Honam University , four courses have been chosen by me. They are Business Korean, Korean Writing, Korean Discussion and Publication, as well as a middle-level Chinese dialogue because there is almost no chance to meet Korean classmates in Korean classes. Therefore, our teachers helped us to choose a Chinese language course so that we could make Korean friends in Chinese class. Which can also help us to experience Korean life better and improve our speaking Korean. Since 4 courses have been selected, the learning tasks will not be overly burdensome, leaving more spare time to experience Korean life. In the Korean class, the teacher patiently explained and corrected the assignments, sometimes introducing some Korean culture to us, allowing us to better adapt to and integrate into Korean life. It is worth mentioning that in the Chinese class,the other three Korean student and me together completed our final task. Let me experienced a Korean college students learning mode. We rehearsed the modified version of Butterfly Lovers, but also danced a small Korean version of the Little Apple , is the most successful performance of all the published groups. during this group task, both to promote Chinese culture, but also interact with Korean classmates, is a very valuable experience.

In daily life, the school occasionally prepares students hobbies classes such as bakery class and coffee courses, enriches our after-school life, and some enthusiastic Chinese teachers would invite fellow students who have no plans to go out to the Mid-Autumn Festival to have dinner at their home. It also organizes programs such as Foreign Student Evening Show at the end of the year. Learning is a big part of exchange life, but going out to experience more Korean culture and improving our Korean language skills while traveling is more important. In weekends,my classmates and I would go out to visit the famous local attractions, experienced Korean customs. When the holiday is long, we had travelled in the nearby city, go to Busan during the Mid-Autumn Festival, go hiking in the mountains like a Korean family in autumn, and go to Seoul after our final exam. Feeling the hospitality of Busan people and the bustling Seoul.

South Korea is a developed country, but relative shortage of supplies, most of the fruits and vegetables are imported, the price is also several times the domestic. For college students, part-time job system is perfect, almost college students will do part-time job, earn enough money to cover their own daily expenses. Therefore, most Korean college students have been able to earn their own living in the era of college students, personal feeling is a point worth learning.

In this exchange project, I deeply feel that there are great differences in food culture and traditional culture between various countries. As a foreign student, I must learn to respect the culture of the country I went to and I also need to lead by example and show a good Chinese citizen image.