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ABCC Case Competition Feedback

Post Time: 2018/3/14 0:00:00

Asian Business Case Competition(ABCC)is a undergraduate case competition which held by Nanyang Technology University (NTU), and it’s a case competition which themed by the entrepreneur’s sustainability, hoping to provide the participants a real atmosphere of the business and was submitted the sustainability strategies. Since the first case competition successfully held in 2007, this famous competition has attracted a lot of top universities to take part in all around the world, such as Canada, Australia, America, Japan. Thus, our university has sent the legend consultants consist of Yan Luo (14 accounting), Megan Chen (14 administration), Kitty Huang (15 economics) and Anita Zhou (15 accounting).
During the six-day journey, our school’s performance including the social communication, teamwork and the English speaking skills have earned the recognition from other English native speaking universities. Our teammates have interacted with the host country, other consultants team and the judges deeply, also we built a strong friendship through the exchange of the T-shirt and the school brochure. Through the deep communication, our teammates have earnd lot of precious experience and suggestions. Thus, we were hoping that we can share the knowledge we learned so that the next consultants team from our school can know more about the competition and can get the better scores in the next competition.

                                                      Coach King WU, teammates and the ambassadors
The real case competition lasts three days. The whole case was divided into two parts: 8-hour short case and 24-hour long case. For each case, we have 15 minutes for presentation and 15 minutes for Q&A section. The competition was eliminated in two rounds. In the first round, nine teams were divided into A/B/C three pools by drawing lots, each has three teams, and the winner team of each pool will be qualified in the final round.
In this competition, our Legend team was in the third pool, competing with Hong Kong University from Hong Kong and Alberta University from Canada. Considering that this two colleges have got a lot of prizes in case competitions, and English is their first language, moreover, our team members have made great efforts in preparing this competition, what really matters is what we’ve learned rather than winning the prize
In the first short case, we were quite stress-out for not understanding the judge’s accent well during the question section, but we had learned a lot about what questions judges would ask. In the second long case, we prepared very well but made some small mistakes when dealing with the issues. Finally, Alberta University became the winner in our pool even the champion in the final round for their perfect performance. University of South Wales from Australia was the first winner-up and Chulalongkorn University from Thailand was the second runner-up. 

                                                              Waiting outside the war room

                                                            Team photo
ABCC provided a interesting and abundant learn opportunity for the participants, making them can communicate, learn together. Our consultants team devote ourselves into this activities actively, including the welcome night, SEC(Sustainable Enterprise Challenge)visitation, XperienceSG, and Gala Dinner etc. Through this experiences, not only deeper our knowledge about the Singapore government, NTU’s sustainability concept, but also interact actively with other team members to know more about the other countries’ culture and their thought. Our outstanding social performance have given the other teams a deep memory.

Thanks the holders of Nanyang Technological University for inviting us to be one member of ABCC and their great effort to make ABCC a great success. Thanks Li Ka Shing Foundation and Business School in Shantou University for their great support. Thanks Mr. King Wu for his guidance and encouragement. We believe that what we’ve learned in this competition will be a great fortune in our future life.