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Full-time Faculty

STUBS has 60 full-time faculty, 20 adjunct professors, and 2 visiting professors. Among the full-time faculty, 20 are female (accounting for 33%); 54 hold doctoral degrees at home and abroad (accounting for 90%); and 37 have overseas study or work experience (accounting for 61.67%).

Following STU’s strategic priority to commit to research as a central part of its mission, STUBS has made adjustments in its faculty deployment using a Research Teaching (RT) track to recruit more faculty who can provide both academic and professional values, and to stop recruiting faculty with a pure Teaching (T) track. Over the past three years, STUBS has hired 19 new faculty members, 13 of whom were recognised as Outstanding Talents with higher salary, housing subsidies and research start-up fund. The percentage of RT track faculty has increased from 0% in 2017 to 25% in 2020.