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Research Institute for Guangdong-Taiwan Business Cooperation

Research Institute for Guangdong-Taiwan Business Cooperation of Shantou University was established on the basis of Institute for Taiwan Studies of Shantou University, integrating relevant research resources from Chinese Business Economics Institute and the Business School of Shantou University, and jointly constructed with the Taiwan Work Office of Shantou Municipal Committee. In December, 2011, it was approved as the Key Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences of the universities in Guangdong Province. The Institute consists of three research centers as Guangdong-Taiwan Business Organizations, Industrial Economics Research Center and Institute for Taiwan Studies. Its research areas are Guangdong-Taiwan enterprise cooperation model and Guangdong-Taiwan industrial cooperation model.

Center for Southeast Asia Studies

Established on June 21, 1991, Center for Southeast Asia Studies is one of the earliest Southeast Asia research institutions in China. The Center is positioned as a national highland for Southeast Asia (Thailand) Chaoshang Business research, achieving breakthroughs in academic research, policy research and consulting services. Relying on the research strength of the Business School, the center focuses on "Southeast Asian Economy (Southeast Asian Chaoshang)", "Southeast Asian Chinese Education", and "Thailand Country Studies". The center was relaunched in November 2020 to support Shantou's efforts in the new era of "Overseas Chinese", as General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized during his research in Shantou in 2020, which is "to unite the vast number of overseas Chinese to realize the Chinese dream together".

Chaoshang Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Center

Rooted in the academic platform of Shantou University, Chaoshang Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Center integrates resources from academia and industry, brings together research teams with multidisciplinary backgrounds, and carries out the mission of "Business is the way to achieve success and the heart to reach the world", focusing on global Chaoshang enterprises and entrepreneurs, and devotes itself to promoting academic theory and practical application research. The research center will contribute to the inheritance of Chaoshang culture and entrepreneurship, promote the development of Chaoshan regional business civilization, and contribute to the innovation and transformation of social economy, and produce a series of high-quality academic results, research reports and related publications.


Finance and Accounting Research Center

Subordinated to Shantou University Business School, Finance and Accounting Research Center is comprised by faculty on finance and accounting from Business School. It is dedicated to create a communication platform by concentrating human and research resources centered on crosswide topic studies. Meanwhile, FARC aims to enhance the academic level of Shantou University on the defined studies through improvement of education and research.

Financial Investment Institute

Established in January 2011, Financial Investment Institute of Shantou University is a part of Shantou University Business School. Based on the current full-time faculty of the Business School, the institute is based in the east of Guangdong, facing the whole country and serving Shantou. The institute is mainly engaged in researching macro and micro financial investment issues in China under the international and domestic financial changes. The institute is currently undertaking a number of research projects, including the National Social Science Research Fund, the Humanities Project of the Ministry of Education and the Guangdong Provincial Philosophy and Science Fund.


Big Data Research and Application Center

Big Data Research and Application Center of Shantou University Business School was officially established in June 2016, mainly composed of teachers of business administration, marketing and finance, as well as some teachers of related majors from Engineering School and Science School. Since the establishment of the center, it insists on the goal of "based in Shantou, radiating east Guangdong, exploring the panoramic management mode driven by big data, and providing decision support for the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries", and has actively explored in the innovative talent training and scientific research cooperation mode, as well as the cooperation with enterprises in industry-university-research. Along with the establishment of the center, Business School has established an undergraduate program in data analytics for business administration, and cooperated with Israel Institute of Technology and Wright State University to explore innovative talent cultivation models. The center also collaborated with Professor Avi Mandelbaum, Dean of the School of Industrial Engineering and Management at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, and his team to conduct data-driven research collaborations in healthcare, finance, retail, and manufacturing, as well as actively exploring collaboration on training doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers.


Chinese Business Economics Institute

Chinese Business Economics Institute focuses on the study of the enterprises opened by people from Chaoshan region and their development rules. It was established in December 2001. Now it has formed an academic team of 7 professors and 20 associate professors.In recent years it has finished 2 Projects Sponsored by the National Natural Science Fund, 5 Provincial Research Projects, 5 Municipal Research Projects and 8 projects sponsored by the local government and enterprises. The research funding amounts to more than 600,000 in these 5 years. Academic publications amount to 3 books and over 50 research papers in CSSCI. Some scholars in this field have taken part in organizations and advertising activities of Chaoshang Organization, which has formed a social influence.


Institute for Taiwan Studies

STU Institute for Taiwan Studies was established in December, 2001 in Business School. It mainly studies the Cross-straits relation and the operation management of Taiwan's minor enterprises and Taiwan-capital enterprises and Taiwan' s economy, history, culture and law. Since built-up, it has undertaken some research projects, including Projects Sponsored by the National Natural Science Fund, Projects Sponsored by the Guangdong Natural Science Fund and concerned projects sponsored by Taiwan affair office of Guangdong Province and Shantou city.

Case Studies and Development Center

Case Studies and Development Center of Shantou University was established in September 2014 and is affiliated with Shantou University Business School. The first director of the center is Professor Lin Quan from the Business School, and the center's staff consists of relevant faculty members from the Business School. The objectives of the center mainly include: to improve members' case development, writing and case teaching through various forms such as seminars, peer observation and on-the-job training; to support and assist members in developing high-quality management cases, especially those with local characteristics of Chaoshan, so that they can become one of the important sources of management cases in China.