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Registration Procedure
Welcome to Shantou University, a multi-cultural institution! The International Office would like to help you with your registration process and settle down here prior to your study.
Please follow the instruction below and check whether you have completed with all necessary process.

Process Location Documents Required Check Box
Registration with the Business School Office 211, Wenxi N/A
Registration with the International Department for visa and residence permit issues 2F Administrative Building (International Department) Passport & Fees for Residence Permit Application
Apply and obtain your Campus Smart Card Network Centre Application Form (obtain when register with the International Department) & Application Fee (15 Yuan)
Obtain your Student ID and email account Network Centre N/A
Registration and activate access to your dormitory 1F Administration Building Provide your Full Name, Gender, Room Number, Student ID Number and Campus Smart Card Number
Open a bank account 789 Building, Bank of China Passport & Chinese Phone Number
Pay your fees (e.g. Accommodation) 2F Administration Building & Bank N/A

Please note that the deadline for paying your accommodation is two weeks since you move in. Fail to pay your accommodation will affect your course registration and hence your final exam.