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The objective of the BBA Programme is to develop students’ general and professional knowledge, global mindset, ability to apply integrative thinking skills in evaluating and analysing business activities, capacity to solve practical management and business problems, awareness of sustainability, professional ethics, and social responsibility. It aims to enable graduates to assume managerial positions in business and industry, public sector organisations, consultancy companies, accounting firms, and other organisations. Graduates may choose to start their entrepreneurial business ventures, as well. The programme also prepares students for master’s degree studies if they wish to continue in that direction.

 Programme Learning Outcomes (PILOs) of BBA


BBA   Programme


Our   Students are expected:

BALO 1   Knowledge Comprehensiveness

A1: To   demonstrate proficiency in understanding general knowledge.

A2: To   demonstrate proficiency in understanding general concepts, theories, and   knowledge of business administration.

A3: To demonstrate   proficiency in understanding general concepts, theories and knowledge of   accounting and corporate finance.

  Practical Skills

B1: To   demonstrate effective communication skills and the ability to adapt to   complex management environments.

B2: To   exhibit capabilities in effective teamwork.

B3: To   develop problem-solving skills with qualitative and quantitative methods and   tools learned from subjects and be able to solve practical problems related   to business and management.

B4: To   demonstrate proficiency in reading and understanding materials particular to   business and management, and making both oral and written presentations.

  Global Mindset

C1: To   understand cultural differences and demonstrate a respectful attitude towards   cultural diversity.

C2: To   focus on technological advances and their social impact on a global scale.

C3: To   understand and keep up with the trends in innovation and entrepreneurship   practices world over.

C4: To   become familiar with rules of international trade.

BALO 4   Integrative Thinking

D1: To   demonstrate analysis and problem-solving capabilities in practice with   critical thinking.

D2: To   demonstrate analysis and problem-solving capabilities in practice with    systems thinking.

D3: To   demonstrate analysis and problem-solving capabilities in practice with   creative thinking.

  Ethics, responsibilities, and sustainability

E1: To   demonstrate professional ethics and social responsibility.

E2: To   demonstrate proficiency in understanding and obeying laws, norms, and   standards in the respective areas.

E3: To   understand the need for regional development and make contributions to the   community and develop the ability to realise sustainable development in   business organisations and activities.

E4: To   develop self-management and self-study capabilities to realise personal   sustainable development in response to social change.



·         BBA Programme

1.      Gerneral Management
General Management Major practices the socialist core values and cultivates interdisciplinary management talents with good humanistic quality, scientific literacy, international perspective, innovation ability and craftsmanship spirit. Students who major in General Management will receive systematic learning and training in basic theories, professional knowledge, management skills and methods of business administration. This major focuses on cultivating students' ability to analyze and solve various types of management problems in enterprises, and cultivating qualities and abilities such as logical thinking, innovative thinking, entrepreneurial leadership and teamwork that future entrepreneurs and professional managers will possess. After graduation, students will be able to take up management positions in enterprises and institutions, carry out management and operation in new ventures, and enter key universities at home and abroad to pursue further studies and conduct scientific research.
Students should acquire the following knowledge, ability and quality after studying this major:
1) Master the basic principles of management and economics as well as basic theories, basic knowledge and basic methods of modern business management.
2) Have strong basic skills in verbal and written expression, interpersonal communication, organization and coordination, and leadership.
3) Master good business management skills and methods. Being able to apply knowledge and the ability to deal with practical work.
4) Demonstrate proficiency in policies and regulations related to business management and master the practical skills of business competition and research on business development strategy research.
5) Being able to have good humanistic quality, scientific literacy and international perspectives.
2.      Accounting
The objectives of the major are to cultivate talents with international perspective, high sense of social responsibility, good professional ethics, scientific thinking ability and communication ability. Students can systematically master knowledge such as accounting, management, economics, law and computer applications. Students can not only engage in basic accounting, auditing, financial management, taxation and other related work, but also can apply their professional knowledge to provide decision support for organizational value enhancement and value creation. They can become interdisciplinary, external-oriented and innovative accounting talents who can adapt to the needs of socialist economic construction.
Specific objectives include the following: (1) Being able to have good humanistic quality , professional ethics and a broad international perspective; (2) Systematically master the knowledge and know the development trend of the discipline and have strong knowledge application ability; (3) Demonstrate proficiency in Chinese accounting standards, auditing standards and tax laws; (4) Being able to have good disciplinary thinking and scientific thinking; (5) Being able to comprehensively use a foreign language and have a good command of professional English.