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To adapt to the development of the society and economics in the new era, the MBA Education Center of the School launched Executive Education (EE) program, which is a non-degree program in management education designed for executive managers. Relying on the mighty faculty and advanced teaching mode of the School, the EE program is dedicated to building a high-end leaning and communication platform for entrepreneurs, to promoting enterprise transformation and sustainable development, to inheriting the spirit and wisdom of Chaoshan businessmen, to training entrepreneurs with global vision, to striving to success in the future, and to achieving the purpose of lifelong learning.

Since 2017, the School provides customized training programs for enterprises and public institutions in the eastern part of Guangdong Province, including the Organization Department of Shantou Municipal Committee, Shantou Taxation Bureau, China Southern Airlines, Bank of China, China Life Insurance, and AVIC Satellite Technology Corporation etc. At the same time, the School also provides a platform for lifelong learning for private enterprise or alumni enterprise owners and executives and has designed Innovation Elite Class for Youth Entrepreneurs and Advanced Business Administration Excellence Elite Class. Approximately 2500 people have joined the EE programs since 2017.