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2018 EM Normandie Exchange Study Report -By Eunice

Post Time: 2019/04/22 00:00:00

First impression of France must be romantic. A half-hour drive from the airport to the Saint-Lazare train station, bustling and crowded, is a hasty view of the city of Paris.

Caen is a city in the Normandy region, northwest of France. The moment I got down from the train station, I clearly felt the difference between a crowded capital and a peaceful village. The train station can be described as small and exquisite, although clean but quite different from the bustling metropolis than I expected. When I first arrived in Caen, I was repeatedly hit by the language barriers. Later, during various kinds of trips organized by EMN, I gradually realized that Caen was more typical and traditional than Paris.

Ecole de management de Normandie is divided into five districts, Caen Campus is one of those. The school follows the concept of “Elite Education” and facilitates the interaction between teachers and students. We were participating in the “European Business Program”, in which students from all over the world came together to discuss and understood the cultural and business conditions of France and Europe. Students in the classroom during the week would actively share the differences and similarities between their different cultures and European culture. Teachers were also willing to share their personal experiences to assist the teaching results, which was a valuable reference for us. The classroom atmosphere in France was very relaxed, in which students and teachers can communicate freely. In order to improve cross-cultural communication between students, teachers would like students to group up from different cultural backgrounds. In the process of completing our assignments, teammates from other countries would pay more attentions to references for better understanding.

After gradually adapting, the most impressive thing was all the shops were not opened on Sunday. This was also a life habit that I am not used to. But my classmates and I would hang out to explore the Sunday morning flee market to treat ourselves with a great lunch for the past productive. At the same time, because the school has arranged the curriculum in advance, students can arrange different entertainment activities according to their own choices. France is at the heart of Europe, and what we wanted and enjoyed most was to explore different European countries. Took a night bus to the Netherlands with your friends and traveled to various countries on budget airlines became an incredible journey of my life.

Although there were language barriers and cultural conflicts in France, my life was getting better and better under constant adjustment and adjustment. In the process of exchanging and cooperating with my classmate, I also learned a lot, not only the accumulation of knowledge, the improvement of the level of foreign language communication, but also the ability to live independently.