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Summary of 2018 McGill University Summer Program in Canada

Post Time: 2018/10/17 00:00:00

       First of all, we represent all the students who participated in the ISP summer program, thanks to the Li Ka Shing Foundation, Shantou University Business School and McGill University Desautels School of Management, which gave us such a valuable opportunity to participate in the international summer Program. From July 14 to August 12, 2018, 19 students from Shantou University came to the beautiful Maple Leaf Country - Canada to embark on a trip to McGill University.

      Montreal, Canada's second largest city, gives us unlimited possibilities. Before the official start of class, the university prepared a two-day trip to help us explore the city of Montreal and adapt to the school environment, including meetings, climbing the Royal Mountain and other activities, so that we feel the city's tolerance and acceptance about different ethnic and diverse culture.
      Communication and study at McGill University is undoubtedly the most memorable of the journey. Globalized management, taught by Professor William Polushin and Professor Gabriel Ethier, gives us a comprehensive picture of how the entire business model works in the process of globalization and leads us to appreciate the charm of entering a global economy. Another course, global brand marketing is taught by Professor Robert Mackalski. The course is innovative and challenging. Students can understand the diverse brand elements from the consumer level and learn from new perspectives. Brand is the core marketing kingdom.

     In addition to the daily study at school, in order to let the students know more about the Canadian customs, the Desaultels School of Management also arranged two weekend trips for the students. We took a cruise on the beautiful Thousand Islands, felt the power of nature under the Niagara Falls, and met the friendly people from different countries in the Niagara town, saw the bustling atmosphere of the international metropolis in Toronto, and experienced the charm of French Quarter in Quebec.

     Although this exchange has only been a short month, we have established a deep friendship with three respectable professors and lovely classmates. We will never forget this wonderful time at McGill University.

------Shantou University, Zhan Kaixuan, Chen Yating