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Business School Successfully Held SCU "Entrepreneurship & Innovation" Lecture and Briefing Session

Post Time: 2018/11/22 00:00:00

On Nov 21st, 2018, Prof. C H (Kit) Bennetts from Southern Cross University (SCU), Mr. Roger Xu Head of SCU in China and Ms. Tina Wang, visited Business School, accompanied by Xuequan Liao, Director of International Cooperation Department (ICD), Rui Zeng, Vice Director of ICD, and Xiangzhi Bu, Vice Dean of Business School. They held a lecture titled "Entrepreneurship & Innovation" and gave a briefing session of SCU, which attracted many students from Business School and other colleges.

In the beginning, Mr. Roger Xu and Ms. Tina Wang introduced a series of upcoming cooperation programs between STU and SCU, including exchange program, 3+1 double degree program etc. Prof. C H (Kit) Bennetts then delivered a lecture upon “Entrepreneurship & Innovation”. Starting from the role of leaders, the lecture explored creativity and innovation in depth around relevant theories and examples of famous entrepreneurs.

 Through the lecture, students experienced the teaching model and method of Australian universities. After the class, Prof. Bennetts, Roger and Tina answered the questions raised by students in detail. The successful implementation of this event promotes the mutual understanding of each other's schools and laid the foundation for further exchanges and interaction.