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Video Meeting for discussing cooperation between School of Business, Shantou University and Graduate School of Economics and Management, Ural Federal University

Post Time: 2020/09/04 16:37:45

On September 1st , 2020 at 8:00 p.m., Vice Dean Qiang Liang of School of Business, Shantou University held a video meeting with Dean Dmitry Tolmachev of Graduate School of Economics and Management, Ural Federal University and Vice Dean Ekaterina Demchenko of Graduate School of Economics and Management, Ural Federal University to discuss the cooperation between the two institutions..

Firstly, Vice Dean Ekaterina Demchenko introduced the historical background, domestic and international reputation as well as the scale of Ural Federal University. She also highlighted the majors and the international exchange programs of the school. After that, Vice Dean Qiang Liang introduced the basic information about Shantou University and the School of Business, including the geographical location, school scale, majors, features and international exchange programs, etc.

Based on a basic understanding of the two institutions, both sides expressed great interest in future cooperation, and there is a lot of room for cooperation in terms of student exchange, faculty research exchange and summer camps. Dean Dmitry Tolmachev suggested that despite the effect by the current pandemic situation, he still looked forward to facilitating exchange programs between students from China and Russia as soon as possible. Vice Dean Qiang Liang also indicated that both institutions have similar majors and can cooperate in many fields, and the summer exchange will be a good initial attempt and start. Finally, the representatives of both sides reached a preliminary consensus on cooperation and will further discuss the details of cooperation and sign a memorandum of understanding.

Ural Federal University is one of the most influential universities in Russia and is located in Ekaterinburg. After nearly 100 years of development, the university has become one of the recognized leaders in the field of research and education and is ranked among the ten best universities in Russia. The Graduate School of Economics and Management is one of the largest faculties of the Ural Federal University and offers undergraduate, master and speciality’s programs in economics, management, business informatics, public administration, public relations and advertising.