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Report on Exchange Program to Queen’s University

Post Time: 2021/01/14 00:00:00

    Queen’s University is situated in Kingston, Ontario, and continues to rank 10th among the top 10 universities in Canada. This university in Canada was founded on 1841, with support from Queen Victoria. One of the oldest Canadian universities, it was founded even before Canada became independent and officially a sovereign nation.
    To be very brief, I found the “ Queen's “ experience to be one of the most wonderful of my life.
The professors were, with rare exception, very, very approachable. Some of my most interesting discussions were in my profs office over coffee, after class.

    The classmates with whom I looked forward to meeting most every morning at 7:00 a.m. for coffee at Smith school's cafeteria were much like my family before long. However, come exam time they were quite competitive and very serious. This, to me, was very noticeable but understandable. You see, I was there as a twenty – two-year old and did not have to contend with any parental pressure or even any financial pressures with supports from CIBC. Consequently, my marks were consistently high and had a special and extremely happy semester.

    The physical grounds at Queen's are truly beautiful and especially in the Autumn. The grounds are well kept and students are mindful of maintaining their grounds by not littering. Everything is close at hand notwithstanding a huge campus. State of the Art facilities and for those studying medicine including a teaching Hospital actually connected to Queen's by tunnels. This is a huge Hospital and one of two major hospitals serving the city of Kingston, Ontario.

    In short, I highly recommend Queen's University for any field of study be it Medicine, Law, Engineering, Social Sciences or Economics … Computer Science or especially Business!