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Report on Exchange Program to Dublin City University

Post Time: 2020/03/16 12:02:26

Report on Exchange Program to Dublin City University

Dublin City University (DCU)isa new representative of Irish universities.It is also known as Ireland's University of Enterprise because of its close links with local companies. In the past four months, we not only enriched the professional knowledge, but also actively showed the elegant demeanor of Chinese students, took on the responsibility of serving as a bridge of cultural exchange between China and Ireland, and actively spread the excellent Chinese culture that has a long history.

In terms of learning in the professional field, as students of business school, we feel that foreign professors are rigorous and seriouswith theirteaching. Because we had learned some courses that were taught in English in Shantou University, we had a high level of acceptance of DCU courses. Although some professors have a little Irish accent when they speak English, we could basically adapt after learning for a period of time. We also actively participated in the activities of language culture space, communicated with students from other countries and spreaded our Chinese culture to foreign friends.

In addition, we also actively participatedin various activities organized by the Chinese club, includingaChinese song contest andadumpling making activity.Duringthe Chinese song competition, we helpedourIrish friend to sing a few Chinese lyrics accurately, so that he could sing themat the end of the competition after two weeks. It was really touching that heactually succeeded in the end,even though he did not know any Chinese pinyin. During the finals, our Irish friend Dylan surprised us by singing a perfect cantonese song.During the dumpling making activity, we carefully prepared the raw materials for making dumplings, and spent an afternoon on mixing dough and stir-frying. We patiently taught our foreign friends how to roll the dough and make dumplings, and we alsomingledwith our foreign friends while enjoying thegreattaste.

In a word, we are very grateful toSTU and DCUfor the opportunities they give with theexchange program. Studying abroadnot only broadensour international vision, but also enrichour academic experience.


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