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Vice Dean Qiang Liang was Invited to Give a Keynote Speech at the International Conference Held by Ural Federal University in Russia

Post Time: 2022/07/08 15:31:21

On the afternoon of July 6, 2022, Graduate School of Economics and Management,Ural Federal University of Russia held an international conference on the theme "Business Education and Human Well-Being in the Age of Change".


Professor Qiang Liang, Vice Dean of Business School, was invited to attend the conference and gave a keynote speech entitled “Integration of corporate partners into business educational project: case of Business School, Shantou University”.


Every year Russia hosts an international industrial fair, and this year in Ekaterinburg. As an important part of the industrial fair, this international conference focuses on new opportunities and directions of international cooperation between business schools around the world and aims to train business leaders for the development of economic construction in each country.


At the meeting, Professor Qiang Liang explained how Business School carries out teaching model of“Integration between Industry and Education” and integrates corporate partners into business education programs through practical cases of undergraduate, MBA, and Executive Education programs. On the one hand, the school invites many senior scholars, industry elites, company executives, and other corporate mentors to participate in classroom teaching, and share with teachers and students the latest research results, management experience, and the latest policy developments at home and abroad. On the other hand, the school attaches importance to the combination of the teaching process and the actual operation of enterprises. Our school cooperates with many enterprises and teachers move the classes to the enterprise, organize students to go into the enterprise site for research, study, face-to-face communication with enterprise executives. So that students understand the current situation of enterprise management and the actual decision-making process. It has improved students' practical ability to solve problems. The aim is to educate tomorrow’s business managers with global perspectives, craftsmanship spirit, ability to innovate, and willingness to take responsibility.


Professor Qiang Liang discussed with business education experts and scholars from all over the world, shared academic views and practical cases. It has strengthened the communication between our school and foreign institutions and laid a solid foundation for seeking future international exchange and cooperation.


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Professor Qiang Liang gave a keynote speech and discussed with experts


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