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Economic Forum V.139- The Great Divergence of East-west Innovation Paths Viewed from Cognitive Evolution?

Post Time: 2017/05/18 16:05:51

On May 16th, 2017, Economic Forum Vol 139 with the topic of " The Great Divergence of East-west Innovation Paths Viewed from Cognitive Evolution?" was held successfully in Meeting Room 3 of Academic Conference Centre in Shantou University. The Forum was presented by Dong Jielin, guest professor and academic member of the Technical Innovation Research Center and researcher of China Science and Technology Policy Research Center of Tsinghua University. The Forum was hosted by Prof. Lu Yuan, Dean of Business School, Shantou University. Mr. Sun Jian, Mr. Gao Shenyang and other members from Shandong Chamber of Commerce also attended in the Forum.

In this Economic Forum, Prof. Dong Jie Lin illustrated the latest hundreds of years of economic explosive growth and the wave of technological innovations dominated by Europe and America. By this perspective, she pointed out several questions: How did the Great Divergence of East-west innovation paths in science and technology take place? Why did China miss the Industrial revolution? How does people's cognitive approach affect innovation choices and accomplishments? Based on the quantitative study of the history of science and technology innovation over the past 10,000 years, Professor Dong Jielin also shared her thoughts and discoveries on these issues.
Students and Guests took an active part in the discussion on the topic with Prof. Dong through different major perspective. As to the questions raised by students, Prof. Dong gave detailed answers to them patiently.

At the end of the lecture, on behalf of Business School, Prof. Lv Yuan gave a souvenir to Prof. Dong, and also organized the faculty and students to have pictures together.