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The Logic of Continuous Power: The Revelation of Chinese History

Post Time: 2014/11/24 12:24:19

The 127th Business School Economic Forum was held on November 6th, 2014, in Shantou University. The speaker of this forum is Prof. Fang Shaowei. The topic is the logic of Continuous Power: The Revelation of Chinese History.

Prof. Fang Shaowei, received his master from Beijing University, has been studied in the United States. He is famous for his “grim real evidence” attitude toward system and culture. He published China Is Different and Sinomania.

First, Prof.Fang brought up eight old points that resulted in the perish of political power which are brutal collapse theory, infighting collapse theory, corrupt collapse theory, invading collapse theory, the expansion collapse theory, economy collapse theory, system collapse theory and loose collapse theory.

Brutal collapse theory which means that people is the most important element toward power. Infighting of Qin dynasty and Xuanwu Gate Incident are examples of infighting collapse theory. Hong Xiuquan and Jiang Jieshi are the evidence of corrupt collapse theory. They show that corruption is more deadly than incapable. Chunqiu dynasty and Mengyuan dynasty are the examples of invading collapse theory and the expansion collapse theory. But power capacity reflects in three aspects which are controlling over social resources, controlling over internal competition and controlling over external competition. Economic collapse corrupt and system collapse corrupt are similar to interaction theory and history integration theory which are brought up by Friedrich Engels. CPSU and the late Qing Dynasty are the examples of loose collapse theory.

And then Prof. Fang brought up regime of the subjective theory. He introduced the definition of country. State political power is the organization that controlled by families, nobles, parties, militaries and churches. Prof.Fang talked about four elements of continuing power which are the ruling ability、the ruling interests、the ruling technology and the ruling cost. Continuing ruling is the continued dominion ability problem of the theme of regime.

And then Prof. Fang explained   rule quotient theory. The formula of rule quotient theory is rule quotient=ruling ability/ruling cost. And there are three types of perish under the rule quotient theory which are the fatuous of emperors、the incapable of inheritors and misconduct of passing power. The key to consolidate regime is the ruling ability of the head of regime.

In the end, Prof. Fang discussed whether Chinese model is the same to Qing Dynasty model. Prof. Fang pointed out that at present China is Deng Xiaoping model which is Limit of authoritarian and One-party authoritarian.

Prof. Fang concluded the forum with the view that doers are busy changing the world but the question is explaining the world.

Director Dean on behalf of the Business School gave the present to Prof. Fang and the forum finished completely.