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Economic Forum V.129 - the Development of International Finance and Investment: Experience between Mainland China, Taiwan and the United States

Post Time: 2015/11/17 09:24:13

November 11, 2015, the N0.129 Business School Economics Forum, which topic is the development of international finance and investment: experience between Mainland China, Taiwan and the United States, was successfully held in the library lecture hall. The meeting was presided over by Professor Zhu Jian Qi, Presented by Professor Wu Qin Bin, former Taiwan national sun yat-sen University principal as well as business professor. Professor Wu started the forum on the theme of international financial investment development, and not only talked about Nobel laureate in economics and explained to the students several formulas and chart of economics, but also shared their life story. Throughout Professor Wu vivid and profound speech, school faculty, students and business partners had profited a lot in that evening.
Add: Professor Wu’s introduction:PHD Of finance, The Wharton school of business; Former vice principal, University of the West, Los Angeles, California, USA; the former Taiwan national sun yat-sen University principal and professor from department of business management; Taiwan arts University professor and vice President, Taiwan national yunlin University of science and technology, professor, dean of the school of management. Professor Wu works hundreds of articles published in international journals in both Chinese and English, the main research areas include securities markets, corporate finance, investment, financial management, corporate governance, etc. In practice, he served as a state-owned enterprise authority adviser and the independent directors of listed companies, and provide financial and management training for small and medium-sized enterprises.