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Trade and Commodity Finance & Public Service of Singapore

Post Time: 2014/11/24 11:58:21

Catherine Low and Jaime Teong were invited by Shantou University Business School to give a wonderful speech in Library Lecture Hall at 7 p.m. on Nov. 5th, 2013. Catherine Low is the president of ING(International Nederlanden Group)Bank in Singapore and general manager of international import and export trade of ING in Asia. Jaime Teong is the foreign academician in Civil Service College of Singapore. The topic of the speech they gave is how to stay competitive in trade and commodity finance & public service of Singapore.
Catherine introduced the background of ING and its distribution in the world. Then she explained what are mass goods and letter of credit. She also shared some common concepts with our students, like bank products of international trade, trade financing and its loan, as well as risk management.

After Catherine’s speech, Jaime talked about the public service and its effects on Singapore with curve graph and some pictures.
In the end, Lv Yuan, the dean of Business School, summed up for the speech and gave Catherine and Jaime gifts to thank their wonderful speech. The 121st period economic salon came to a successful close.