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STU Library
Shantou University Library has been set up to facilitate the development and meet the R&D demands of ShantouUniversity
since her foundation.
At present, its collection has reached a total of 1851,388 volumes, including books,periodicals, modern documents like
audio-visual material,and electronic resources. 1/6 of the collections are under the category of Law and Business.
The new library opened in June, 2009. The total building area amounts to 21,000 square meters, which can accommodate
a collection of 560,000 volumes.
There are 1,500 seats and 27 seminar rooms, which respectively enables 4-12 persons for discussion.
The new building emphasizes on research and teaching, and is covered by wireless networks.
It features with th broad subjects,including special collections on Chaoshan tradintional studies.

STUBS Reference Room
As the support unit for the school' s teaching and research act Business School continually increase investment to the
mini library for the collection of books, equipment and software. It is now developing into a digitalized and modernized
academic library with the work ethic of meeting School Mission, building up academic atmosphere and serving readers
sincerely. Now mini library has more than 13000 books, 3 computers and 28 reading seats; booked 74 kinds of
periodicals, most of which are economics; booked 19 kinds of newspapers, most of which are economics; has built up a
mini library of electronic documents, 26 data CDs in all; has nearly realized resource sharing with Cheung Kong
Graduate School Business; has over 20 kinds of database on Economics, Finance and Accounting;purchases about 200
new books annually.ALL these can meet the needs of the school's research and teaching.

Case Study Center
Business School plans to establish Management Case Center of Chao Business and Taiwan Enterprises, Concentrating on
compiling and developing cases which are of great need and extensive use in China' s business education. It strives for
establishing a national case base with high-quality cases and helping the formation of business administration case
educating theories and approaches with Chinese characteristics. The Case Center of Chao Business and Taiwan
Enterprises improves and standardizes the process of case collection, compilation, use, training and exchange. With the
strict case selection criteria, the quality of case is guaranteed.

Data Laboratories
Laboratories are the important basements of STU Business School's Electronic Commerce, experimental teaching and
research of economic management, undertaking the task of experimental teaching and research in terms of Electronic
Commerce , business administration, international finance, international trade, accounting, etc. Now it offers more than
10 courses and more than 10 multi-media services programs for undergraduates and graduates, including Ebusiness
Simulation, CA Certification and so on. As one of the sub-programs of STU "21Project" , Ebusiness laboratory was put
into use in June, 2000. Up to now the investment of the software and hardware has reached 2.2 million.