Academic Salon of School of Business (Phase III) on the Declaration of the National Natural Science Fund of China Successfully Launched

Time : 2023-01-23

On January 6th, academic salon of School of Business (Phase III) on the declaration of the national natural science fund of China was successfully launched online. Professor Jia Shanming, an associate researcher at the Economics School Jinan University, and Professor Liu Bin from the Economics and Business Administration School Chongqing University were invited to the salon. In the beginning, Guo Gongxing, vice dean of Business School delivered a welcome speech. Associate Professor Chen Mingqin, director of the Finance and Accounting Research Center grandly introduced guests, Lu Jiye, Wen Riguang, and other more than 100 teachers and students participated, and the forum was chaired by Associate Professor Chong Zhaohui, director of the Institute for Taiwan Studies.

In the sharing session, associate researcher Jia Shanming gave detailed guidance on the topic of Change and Unchanged in the Application of National Social Science Fund Projects. Professor Liu Bin put forward much valuable guidance on the evaluation process and topic selection with the topic Several Experiences of National Fund Declaration.


Associate researcher Jia Shanming delivered a speech


Professor Liu Bin delivered a speech


After the sharing sessions, the two experts patiently answered questions and the forum ended with applause.


Group photo