Dean Liang Qiang Attended the 20th AMBA&BGA Business School Capacity Building Symposium

Time : 2023-03-21


Dean Liang Qiang, Vice Dean Guo Gongxing, International Affairs Assistant Jiang Jiamei from the School of Business STU attended the 20th AMBA&BGA Business School Capacity Building Symposium, which was held in Shanghai on March 6-7, 2023. Wang Zhongming, Professor of Liberal Arts at Zhejiang University and International Accreditation Advisor of AMBA&BGA in China served as the meeting's chair.


Professor Wang Zhongming hosted the symposium

As part of his participation in the "Business School Best Practice Roundtable", Dean Liang presented a presentation on the Lifelong Learning Platform of the  MBA Education Center School of Business STU which has won the 2022 AMBA&BGA Best Lifelong Learning Initiative SILVER Award. He made the point that through this platform, the strategic thinking, global vision, and innovation consciousness of MBA students and alumni were developed, which positively supports the growth of regional society and economy.


Business School Best Practice Roundtable


Dean Liang delivered a presentation

With the goal of "Educating tomorrow’s business managers with global perspectives, craftsmanship spirit, ability to innovate and willingness to take responsibility", School of Business Shantou University will continue to contribute to the practice of global business education in the future.


About the AMBA

The Association of MBAs (AMBA) was founded in the UK in 1967 as an independent body specializing in MBA quality accreditation. The AMBA accreditation criteria cover nine areas: school, programs, faculty, students, outcomes, curriculum, teaching, assessment and impact, with a focus on reflecting the development of business and management practice. Since 2018 there has been a particular focus on leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship, education in ethics and social responsibility, and the social impact and lifelong learning of business school graduates.




About the BGA

The Business Graduates Association (BGA), a new sister branded school-level accreditation association that builds on the AMBA accreditation in 2019, aims to create a 'leading global movement' in business education that is committed to responsible management practices and lifelong learning. Its Continuous Impact Model (CIM) consists of six different dimensions include: intent, graduate achievement,value creation,scholarship, ecosystem, and society.