Renewing Collaboration, Opening a New Chapter | Our School Renews Partnership Agreement with Dublin City University, Ireland

Time : 2024-04-17

On the morning of April 11, 2024, a delegation from Dublin City University, Ireland, including Professor Dáire Keogh, President; Professor Dominic Elliott, Dean of the Business School; Associate Professor Gao Yuhui; and Ms. Wang Xiaoxia, the International Cooperation Liaison Officer for China, visited Shantou University. The visit marked the renewal of the academic cooperation and exchange student agreements between the two institutions, continuing a collaboration that has spanned over a decade. The signing ceremony was attended by Shantou University's President Hao Zhifeng, Vice-President Liu Wenhua, Dean Liang Qiang of the School of Business, and Gao Jian, Director of the Office of International Affairs. The discussion during the signing was chaired by Director Gao Jian.

Dean Liang Qiang of the Shantou University School of Business provided a detailed introduction to the school's foundation and its achievements in international exchange and cooperation. He stated that the School adheres to the strategic positioning of "Learning about local businesses and serving the immediate community; committed to globally recognised standard teaching and research; building on distinctive strengths; striving for first-class education." continuously promoting deep cooperation with the global educational community. Currently, the school has established stable academic exchange and cooperation relationships with 26 internationally renowned universities, including Dublin City University, exploring innovative paths in education together. Dean Dominic Elliott highly commended the educational model of Shantou University, particularly the school of Business, noting its unique approach and outstanding effectiveness in student training. He emphasized that this model, which focuses on practice, innovation, and a global perspective, is crucial for enhancing students' comprehensive qualities and international competitiveness.

Looking ahead, the School of Business Shantou University and the Business School at Dublin City University will continue to deepen academic exchanges, strengthen research cooperation, expand channels for student exchange, and advance integrated industry-academic-research cooperation, achieving shared resources, complementary strengths, and jointly enhancing their competitiveness and influence in the international educational arena.