Dean Liang Qiang and his Delegation's Enterprise Research in Huizhou and Foshan

Time : 2023-04-19

From 13 to 15 April 2023, Prof. Liang Qiang, Dean of Business School, Prof. Li Baixun of the Department of Business Management and their delegation went to Huizhou and Foshan to conduct research on outstanding enterprises, and had in-depth exchanges with the heads and alumni of Zhisheng (Huizhou) Petrochemical Co., Ltd, JD Smart City (Greater Bay Area) Industry Operation Centre, Foshan Nanhai District High-level Talent Service Centre, Foshan Yingru Qihang Incubator, and Guosen Securities Shunde Branch around deepening school-enterprise cooperation, employment supply and demand, and so forth.


On April 13, General Manager Lian Wujie of Zhisheng (Huizhou) Petrochemical Co., Ltd. and Dean Liang Qiang and his delegation went to the petrochemical industrial park in Daya Bay District to inspect the R&D laboratories and production lines of the sulfonation workshop and detergent raw materials.


On April 14, Dean Liang Qiang and his delegation visited the JD Smart City (Greater Bay Area) Industry Operation Centre and visited the Operation Centre Settlement Exhibition Area, the Cooperation Achievement Exhibition Area and the JD Smart Home Exhibition Area to learn about the history of JD Group and the technical strength of JD Technology.


In the campus of Foshan Yingru Qihang Incubator, Mr. Feng Jianqiang, Executive Vice President of the Foshan Nanhai District Advanced Talent Association, introduced his rich experience in innovation and entrepreneurship incubation to Dean Liang Qiang and his delegation. Dean Liang said that Mr. Feng's innovative, diligent and pragmatic spirit has set a good example for STU students. He hoped that the two sides could strengthen cooperation in innovative talent training mode and promote the transfer of scientific and technological achievements to bear fruit again.


The team also went to the Foshan Nanhai District High-Level Talent Service Centre and Guosen Securities Shunde Branch to learn more about the talent introduction policy, business environment construction and enterprise financing.

The research promoted the understanding between STU and enterprises, thus building a solid foundation for school-enterprise cooperation.