Administrative Staff Training Course at School of Business

Time : 2023-04-20

In the afternoon of April 12, the school of business held a training course for administrative staff at Wenxi. Zeng Rui, Director of the Party and Government Office of STU, shared his experience and insights. Zou Zhibo, Party (CPC) Secretary of School of Business , Su Bingtian, Deputy Party (CPC) Secretary of School of Business , all administrative staff, Counselors and party workers attended the training course.


Meeting site

Zeng Rui suggested that administrative staff should not only pay attention to theoretical learning and political skills, but also apply dialectical thinking, grasp the laws of work, take the initiative to optimize business processes and improve work efficiency in the service process.


Presentation by Zeng Rui

Zeng Rui also shared his work experience in various positions, encouraging everyone to step out of their comfort zone, dare to take responsibility, positively face challenges, hold the right standpoint, and solve the problems with a problem-oriented approach.

Afterwards, the administrative staff and Zeng Rui had an in-depth exchange on inter-departmental communication and collaboration, and serving the students and teachers with high quality. Eventually, the training course ended successfully with tremendous applause.


Group photo